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What is this?


    You have found a piece of the live, real-world game called SpyN'Seek hosted by NinjaPotato Games!

    If you are reading this, odds are that a live game is being played THIS VERY MOMENT!  Teams of players are acting as spies, sneaking around this neighborhood (and others) in search for clues just like this one.
    You may also spot our "Rogue Agents" lurking about wearing trench coats and fedoras!  Have no fear, they are only on lookout for players of our game.  If they catch them, the rogues get to steal their hard-earned points!


Please leave this clue were you have found it as it is an important piece of our game.


Game organizers will be circling back to this spot to collect this clue and others once the game is over to ensure that we do not cause litter.

    If you would like to participate in one of our future games, feel free to join the mailing list or check out our events page frequently.

    If you have any immediate concerns regarding this clue or our game please contact the organizer Mat at this number: (705) 822-3842



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