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A Competitive Scavenger Hunt


NPG's A Competitive Scavenger Hunt will send friends and families on an adventure across the city.  Teams will race to find hidden clues across Azilda, New Sudbury and/or Garson while our custom app tracks your scores in real-time.


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Make a Team

Find some people (2-8 per team,) sign up on our event page and come up with a team name.

(Recommended team size is 3-5)

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Find Clues

With the help of our mobile app and specialized maps, you will be tasked to roam your city in search of hidden clues.

Get to the coordinate and solve the riddle to find the clue!

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Top three teams will be announced, 1st place will receive free admission to another event.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

See you in the field, agent!

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