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ninjapotato games presents (Facebook Cover) (820 × 312 px) (1640 × 624 px) (2460 × 936 px)

Monster Invasion will send you on a frightening adventure across your city.  Friends and families alike will race to uncover clues while using stealth to avoid monsters.  Join us as we scour the city for clues in attempt to eliminate the monsters and reclaim our city!


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Make a Team

Find some people (2-8 per team), sign up on our event page and come up with a team name for the scoreboard.


Watch Your Back!

Keep an eye out for monsters!  If they spot one of you, they will "spook" your team, stealing some of your hard earned points!


Find Clues

With the help of our mobile app and specialized maps, you will be tasked to infiltrate spooky territory and find clues which will help us eliminate the monsters once and for all!


Get Risky

If you're sneaky enough to find a monster before they've "spooked" you, you may "spook" them first for some serious bonus points!

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Earn Points

Once you've found a clue, enter the intel into the app.

Your score will update live so you can see where you stand over others.


Win Prizes!

1st place teams will win a cauldron of treats as well as 3 classic movies!

All children attending our family event will go home with surprise bags.

**Game duration is 1h30min**

Friday the 13th Prizes:


Winning teams will receive:

    -Cauldron of treats

    -Childs Play

    -The Ring (1 and 2)

    -Jason X

    You will be provided with a custom map and an app which will help you locate clues while tracking your adventure.
    All clues will be hidden within the play area below.
    The map and the app will assist you in locating them.


Sunday Oct. 29 Prizes:


Winning teams will receive:

    -Cauldron of treats


    -Corpse Bride


All children will receive a surprise bag.

The Play Area



Friday the 13th: 8pm-10pm

October 29th: 2pm-4pm


See you in the field, agent!

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