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Rogue Escape


Rogue Escape (AKA SpyN'Seek) will send you on an adventure across your city.  Friends and families alike will compete in the ultimate espionage experience as they race to uncover clues while sticking to the shadows to avoid rogue agents.  Join us as we scour the city for clues but more importantly DON'T GET CAUGHT!!

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Make a Team

Find some people (2-8 per team,) sign up on our event page and come up with a team name.  Larger groups may also contact us to host private events.

(Recommended team size is 3-5)


Watch Your Back

Keep an eye out for our rogue agents!  If they spot one of you, they will momentarily hack your team out of the system and take away some of your hard earned points!


Find Clues

With the help of our mobile app and specialized maps, you will be tasked to roam your city in search of hidden clues.

Get to the coordinate and solve the hint to find the clue!


Get Risky

If you're sneaky enough to find a rogue before they've hacked you, you may hack them first for some serious bonus points!  If two teams are tied in points, the leader is based on which team was more covert.


Crack Codes

Once you've found a clue, crack the code using our Intel Cracking Protocols and enter it into the app to earn points.  Or don't crack it and you'll still get partial points...

Your score will update live so you can see where you stand over others.

See you in the field, agent!

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