When we say that we "bring games to life" - we mean it!

    We create recreational games that get you out of the house, having fun and connecting with others like never before.

    Each of our games will provide you with a different way to have fun and get healthy so make sure to check back from time to time to see what new and exciting games we have in store!

Some of Santa's elves have gone rogue and stole some of the toys.  It appears that they are hiding them across Sudbury in hopes of claiming them once Christmas has passed.  We are seeking residents to help us reclaim these gifts in an effort to save Christmas!

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Rogue Escape is an immersive espionage experience where teams search for hidden codes across your city in a race against others.  Stealth is key as we have rogue agents on patrol and being spotted will be costly!

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We need your help reclaiming the city from a monster invasion.  We would send our own field agents but the union forbids us from sending operatives in spooky territory so close to Halloween.

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GeoCrypt (testing in progress)

We are currently working on a new game which will lead you on an adventure in Sudbury where you will use the environment to solve puzzles and uncover new intel.