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Spy'NSeek is on its way!

Updated: May 4, 2022

After a successful Timmins launch in 2019, we are pleased to share that Spy'NSeek will be back in both Sudbury and Timmins, Ontario starting June 2022.

Featuring commercial, residential and wooded areas, we believe New Sudbury to be an ideal first location to play Spy'NSeek. The play area will span from Gemmel to Lillian Boulevard and Attlee to Auger with the Lasalle/Barrydowne intersection dividing the play area into four quadrants.

Clues will be hidden across streets, parks, parking lots, fields and trails. But you must be sneaky! Each quadrant has a rogue agent lurking about. If they see you, you will be momentarily hacked out of the system and lose some of your hard-earned points. Hack them first for a huge bonus!

Our online app will help you locate the clues through the use of coordinates and hints. Once you have found the clue, you will need to crack the code. How to crack the code will vary from quadrant to quadrant.

New clues will appear across the map as the game progresses. Get an answer wrong and lose 5 points. Be the first to get one right and earn double the points!

Check the scoreboard frequently to see where you stand and know whether or not you need to step it up!

For more info you can check out our Spy'NSeek page or contact Mat at

We are scheduled for a closed-invite launch in May and a public launch in June/July!

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