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You're 12 years old again...

You're at the park with your friends and JUST THIS MOMENT you remembered that it's Mother's day tomorrow.  Stores close in an hour and a half.  It's go time!  Race around town with your friends to find the best deals on Mother's Day gifts.  But WATCH OUT!!  Your neighborhood bullies are lurking about - don't let them catch you!


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Make a Team

Find some people (2-8 per team), sign up on our event page and come up with a team name for the scoreboard.

(Recommended team size is 3-5)

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Watch Your Back!

Keep an eye out for bullies!    Our volunteers will be dressed up like toublemakers and if they catch you it will be costly!

(If they enter your team code into the app you will lose points)

Find Clues.png

Find Clues

Search the area for Mother's Day Deals with the help of our custom app and map.  Once you have found a deal, enter its code into the app to earn your points.

Find Clues (4).png

Get Risky

If you're sneaky enough to find a bully before they've gotten you, you may catch them first for some serious bonus points!
(They will have a code on their back which may be entered into the app)

Find Clues (2).png

Earn Points

Your score will update live on the app so you can see where you stand over others.
Your score will be hilighted, making it easier to find your team.

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For the last 15 minutes, the scoreboard will be blacked out and teams will need to return to the start for their final points.
Winners are announced once everyone has returned.


See you out there!

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