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    BEASTMODE MINIS is a product of Mathieu Charette - founding owner of NinjaPotato Games.
    We create innovative, quality fingerboard obstacles using resin, metal and other materials.  Our obstacles feature a uniquely grippy base which makes them stick to any surface without the need for tape or similar products - all you need is gravity!
On this page, you may browse our products and check out how we make them!

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    Hi!  Mat here, I'm the guy who makes this stuff.  Before you buy...
    You might notice all of our products are on sale right now.  This is because all of our products are still technically prototypes!

    Though I have refined my technique to the point where they look beautiful and absolutely shred, I still have a few areas in which I'd like to improve.  As a result, I am selling these first orders at a discount and appreciate any feedback that you may have towards my craft.
Instead of charging more for the extra work that I'm putting in as I get started, I'm charging less for the decreased quality.  Once I have everything sorted and can confirm perfection with each product, I will end the sale. 

    Thank you for checking out my site!

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How It's Made


    First we design our parts on a computer and print our models using ASA.  We then use a process called acetone smoothing which eliminates the ridges, making the model appear injection molded.  This allows our molds to be silky smooth for a nice, clear finish every time.



 Once our model is perfectly smooth, we create the mold by pouring some carefully mixed silicone into a 3D printed case around the model.  Molds must be replaced over time as they slowly degrade with each use.



    Once the mold is ready, it's time to start pouring.
Each resin pour is carefully measured and mixed to ensure a smooth, crystal clear result with no bubbles.

    We have two techniques for this stage.  One is more affordable and the other produces higher quality.

    Our cobblestone technique only has 2 steps which saves us a lot of time.  We save money on materials since rocks are cheaper than resin.  They look great and the top is quite smooth with the slightest ripple.
    Our Riverbed technique is a 5 step process is much more involved and uses less rocks but the top is perfectly smooth and final results look phenomenal.  It's like looking at a rocky riverbed through crystal clear water.



    When the resin is done curing we add the soft, rubber base which we are so well known for.  Because of this, your obstacles won't move while using them.  Tape and sticky tack are a thing of the past!

    Though we appear to be the first to do this and it seems to have potential to catch on, we will never attempt to patent this technology as we prefer to support innovation over concepts like intellectual property.

    The process is simple enough so if you can figure it out, go nuts!  And if you can't, just be patient - we'll be releasing a how-to video in due time so that anyone can do it!

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